Wailea Restaurants

Desset Buffet at Wailea Restaurants

all i can say is yummm….

Wailea has a lot of wonderful restaurants, most with beautiful ocean views. Each of the luxury hotels will usually have at least 3 nice restaurants. In today’s modern age, a lot of the Hotel restaurants have been ‘farmed’ out to many of Hawaii’s top chefs! This is a wonderful thing for those seeking to dine out at a luxury hotel. The cuisine  is better, and the staff  appreciate cooking and serving world class cuisine. Those of us that live on Maui, or that visit often, are treated to many culinary events, both in Wailea, Kaanapali and Kapalua. In fact we are seeing many other types of food and farm to table events here on Maui.

Call for a taxi 808 250 4848

Call for a taxi 808 250 4848

1 nice aspect of dinning out at a Wailea or Kaanapali Beach Hotel, is the boardwalk out front, it’s perfect for an after dinner stroll. 1 idea is to save room for dessert; then stop for coffee and a decadent dessert at 1 of the many other restaurants………..  Continue reading